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I'm having some trouble understanding the direction of a question on the assignment and just need some advice as to how I would calculate the physical memory required in GiB from the following question:

Consider a computer system in which a physical page number is 24 bits, a virtual page number is 52 bits, and a virtual address is 64 bits. What is the maximum amount of physical me mory, in GiB , that this system could have?

What would be the first step to calculating the physical memory?

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A virtual page number being 52 bits and a virtual address being 64 bit, there would be;

2 ^ (64 - 52) = 4096 bytes per page.

Since the physical and virtual page size are the same, a 24 bit physical page address would then mean that the physical memory is

(2 ^ 24) * 4096 bytes = 64GiB.
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Thanks a lot! It makes a lot more sense now after re-reading everything, thanks for the help! –  Phlex Apr 6 '14 at 22:39

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