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I just updated my NginX configuration. In the config I've added a new server with a different environment for a rails application.

I've reloaded the configuration (sbin/nginx -s reload) and deployed the application to the right folder but nothing seems to happen, NginX throws 404 not found..

Is there anything more I need to do?

Do I need to restart NginX or passenger for example?

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Why is this a Ruby or Rails question? –  the Tin Man Apr 7 at 2:12
He's clearly using nginx to serve a rails app via passenger, and maybe he wasn't sure if that detail was relevant or not. –  Jonah Apr 7 at 2:25

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Turns out you don't need to restart.

Passenger isn't able to restart (as far as I've found out) and NginX only needs a reload.

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