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I have an Interactive Report that displays Images in one column. The images are displayed directly from Images I loaded into shared components.

The report query:

  Tbl_I.Type || Tbl_I.Name as Minifigure,
  Tbl_I.Quote as QUOTE,
  'AddToCart.png' as ADD_TO_CART
from "Tbl_090_ImagePackages" "Tbl_P"
  left outer join "Tbl_091_Images" "Tbl_I"
  on Tbl_P.ID = Tbl_I.Image Package
where Tbl_P.ID = :P201_GROUP

The column in question is 'ADD_TO_CART'. The Column attributes are as follows:

Display Type: Display as Text(escape special characters)

Link Text:

<img src=#APP_IMAGES##ADD_TO_CART# alt=Application Express height=30 width=30

Link Attributes:

ID=#ID# class="AddToCart"

Target: Page in this Application (Current Page)

The Title is defaulting to 'Application' and I can't get rid of it or change it. I have tried changing the Link Attributes to: title="Testing" ID=#ID# class="AddToCart" Unfortunately this has not worked. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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Are your table names really mixed case? "Tbl_091_Images" – Tom Apr 7 '14 at 5:09
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Seems like your link text is malformed? Put your attributes between quotes, single or double. When you view your page source with eg Firefox, you'll notice strings highlighted in red: these are invalid html. The browser is forgiving up to a certain point, but if you confuse it enough things like this may start happening.

<img src="#APP_IMAGES##ADD_TO_CART#" alt="Application Express" height=30 width=30 />
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WOW! just like that, my issue was solved. Thank you so much. when it comes to html, i am just a copy and paste artist. :/ Thank you again – Jarhn Swift Apr 7 '14 at 18:27

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