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Unfortunately, the Unity engine does not still provide Physics.IgnoreCollision() function to 2D-Collisions, Layers in this scenario would be the easiest solution, though a bit hacky since they're limited to a number of 32 that wont be enough for certain projects.

For example :

Here I have a SpawnerObjects class that will instantiate a new Prefab every 2 seconds

public class SpawnObjects : MonoBehaviour 
public GameObject[] RandomObjects;

public void spawnSomeObjects()
    GameObject Gobj = Instantiate(RandomObjects[0]) as GameObject;
    Gobj.transform.position = new Vector3(0f, 50f, 5f);

The spawnSomeObjects method will be called inside the BucketMovement class, So i'm basically trying for testing purposes to move a bucket in multiple directions and "catch" the falling objects instantiated in the above class

public class BucketMovement : MonoBehaviour {

SpawnObjects SpawnObj;
public float TimeSpawn = 2.0f;
public float AssignTimeSpawn = 2.0f;

void Start()
    SpawnObj = GameObject.FindObjectOfType<SpawnObjects>();

void Update () 
    TimeSpawn -= Time.deltaTime;
    if (TimeSpawn < 0)
        TimeSpawn = AssignTimeSpawn;

The problem comes if I try to disable collision for every objects that are not the bucket itself. If I set the collisions active only for the bucket, I'd be able to see all the instantiaded objects inside of it, if I don't, objects would eventually stack up while colliding with each other and wont go inside the bucket.

I already tried to make a script that would be added to everyprefab that needs to spawn on runtime, like this:

public class CollisionToBucket : MonoBehaviour {

    void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D other)
         if(other.gameObject.tag == "Object")
              //tried with isTrigger, no luck at all, objects would collide with 
              //them selves and then fall out of the world ignoring the bucket

              //tried also with collider.enabled = false; but unity tells me that I can't 
              //access that property


Again, I'd like to see any possible solution that does NOT rely on layers, please be specific since i'm new with unity engine

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