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I am trying to perform a simple nls() fit with the following codes:

cfu=c(1.93e+08, 4.04e+07,9.16e+05,1.15e+05,7.60e+03)


fit = nls(cfu ~ E0- Emax*RIF^hill/(EC50^hill*RIF^hill)),data=Rif,start=list(E0=1E+09,Emax=1E+03,EC50=3,hill=1))


I get the following error message: Error in numericDeriv(form[[3L]], names(ind), env) : Missing value or an infinity produced when evaluating the model

Is it because I have a very small data set or there is some coding error? How do I fix it? Is there any way in which I can set lower/upper limits for my starting value?

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