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I am creating an application installer for Mac. The installer involves getting a code from the user on install. I used an Installer Plugin for the Code Input screen.

I have read (from this link) and verified that plugins do not work in the command line and Apple Remote Desktop. I can check if the installer is running from the command line using a variable ("$COMMAND_LINE_INSTALL").

My questions is, how can I programmatically check if it is running via Apple Remote Desktop?

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If pstree is available, you can get a quick ancestry of the current process and see if Apple Remote Desktop is in it, something like pstree -p $$ in bash. Unfortunately, I installed pstree using brew, so this is most likely not going to be available for you, unless you distribute a binary yourself.

The other approach is to walk up the parent yourself. Here is a sample that I tested to be working to check if I am running inside iTerm (I used iTerm as a sample because I don't know what the pstree output would look like when running inside Apple Remote Desktop).

while [ $pid -ne 1 ]; do
    command=$(ps -o command= -p $pid)
    case "$command" in
    pid=$(ps -o ppid= -p $pid)
if [ $running_in_iterm -eq 1 ]; then
    echo "Running in iTerm"
    echo "Not running in iTerm"

You can try running this script from both the built-in Terminal app as well as iTerm and see the difference.

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