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I'm trying to make a bash script that takes arguments for start time and time, then takes an input file and output file name. If the start time and end time are left out, just execute it with input and output.

I've been trying to do it so I can use script.sh -t1 00:00:00 -t2 00:00:20 but so far I just have it as prompting for the values.

read -ep "Enter path for the .mov-file: " file
IFS=: read -rp "Where should the trimming start? (HH:MM:SS): " shour smin ssec
IFS=: read -rp "When should the trimming end? (HH:MM:SS): " ehour emin esec
IFS=: read -rp "Output file: " output
start=$(( shour*3600 + smin*60 + ssec ))
end=$(( ehour*3600 + emin*60 + esec ))
duration=$(( end - start ))

ffmpeg -i "$file" -t "$duration" -c:v libvpx -crf 4 -b:v 1500K -vf scale=640:-1 -c:a libvorbis $output  

Please point me in the right direction! I've tried using if/else to do it but it doesn't work.

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Try getopts –  BroSlow Apr 7 at 2:06
I tried that before but couldn't get it working. What I'm wondering is how to do, if start time and end time are left out, just convert the file.. –  user3505006 Apr 7 at 2:07
Thanks, got it working! –  user3505006 Apr 7 at 2:16
You should provide an answer describing how you solved your issue. –  LordNeckbeard Apr 7 at 18:26

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