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I have code that creates buttons and divs with jquery and that button can toggle div. How to toggle n divs without having to write code for every button and div created (guessing numbers of creation), like this what I got now:

  $("#place").on("click", "#odkat", function() {
    $(this).next( "#odbr" ).toggleClass( "odbro" );
  $("#place").on("click", "#odkat_1", function() {
    $(this).next( "#odbr_1" ).toggleClass( "odbro" );
  $("#place").on("click", "#odkat_2", function() {
    $(this).next( "#odbr_2" ).toggleClass( "odbro" );
  $("#place").on("click", "#odkat_3", function() {
    $(this).next( "#odbr_3" ).toggleClass( "odbro" );
  $("#place").on("click", "#odkat_4", function() {
    $(this).next( "#odbr_4" ).toggleClass( "odbro" );

Thank you

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You can use attribute starts with selector here:

$("#place").on("click", "[id^='odkat']", function() {
    $(this).next().toggleClass( "odbro" );
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it should be [id^='odkat_'], #odkat because the first one does not match the given selector – Arun P Johny Apr 7 '14 at 2:54

The solution will be is to use classes instead of ids like

$("#place").on("click", ".odkat", function() {
   $(this).next().toggleClass( "odbro" );

The add the class odkat to the elements with id odkat*

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