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I am using Mocha as the test framework for testing my node.js project. And I would like to follow the BDD style to organize my tests/specs.

I used to write some tests using cucumber which employs BDD style like the given-when-then clause. But for Mocha, it uses a different language to 'describe' the spec. You can have nested describe statements to describe the spec. And I want to know what the best practice is to naming the Mocha tests. Thanks.

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Are you asking how to replicate cucumber-style BDD in Mocha or how to use what Mocha offers? (If your question is the latter, then please don't ask about "best practices" as these are usually opinion-based. And if your question is the latter, the question should be more precise about what exactly is causing you problem.) –  Louis Apr 7 '14 at 10:31

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mocha-cakes lets you use given-when-then clauses with mocha.

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