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I have a wpf application. While move to one page to another its take some time (around 16 sec). I checked with the resource manager at this time, if the user wait my application go to not responding stage and come back automatically but if the user click anything application get crashed. My application load the UI by check the type in an XML file and control names on the page will load depend on the last page language. one language texts are in the resource of the application and other language texts are on the page. while the page load, it check the application culture t load control texts. I got this problem in some machines not all machines. Can you suggest any solution?

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Do you perform a costly function as you navigate/page load? like loading or saving data. If so you can do that asynchronously which will retain the UI responsiveness all the while. –  voddy Apr 7 '14 at 6:18
I have data loading in some page loading but not all. In my test machine, its take maximum 2 seconds to go to next page, but in client machine it takes 16 seconds to go to next page. And also application starting time also high in client machine. What may be the reason to performance change with machines? –  Programmer Apr 7 '14 at 8:11

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