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I am using a Dojo grid where I am using many widgets like buttons, textboxes etc. Whenever I try to debug using F12 or open Firebug (in Mozilla), the whole datagrid is refreshed. Can someone help me in this respect.

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I've checked the Dgrid source and yes, Dgrid could repopulate the grid when resizing your browser. And if you think about, it does make sense: the viewport of the dgrid determines which items are shown, and which are destroyed (if you use OnDemandGrid).

You could disable it by creating your own Grid widget which extends OnDemandGrid (or any other grid class you're are using), and then overrule the resize method. Just don't call this.inherit(arguments) and you're good to go. Another way to go is to play around with the constructor parameters of Dgrid:


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When the Dgrid reacts to the resize event, you could also open Firebug detached using Ctrl+F12, so it doesn't influence the window size. –  Sebastian Zartner Apr 7 at 7:42

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