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In my script I pass two argument into Bash file through PHP file.
PHP File:

$number_server = 7;
$server_name = "dbfs";
exec("/bin/bash drun.sh $number_server $server_name",$db_uptime);
foreach($db_uptime as $dbm_load){
echo $dbm_load."<br />";

Bash File:

for i in seq $1; do ssh $2$i 'uptime;free -m;mpstat;cat /tmp/db2.info'; done &
sleep 2
kill -9 $pid 

According to this it will show 7 records,but actually it shows only one record.Means FOR loop in Bash script runs only one time and second argument pass into bash is not working.

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You BASH script seems to be wrong. Replace that with:


for ((i=0; i<$1; i++)); do 
    ssh "$2$i" 'uptime;free -m;mpstat;cat /tmp/db2.info'
done &
sleep 2
kill -9 $pid
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can we give kill time less then one second ? –  Tomas Apr 8 at 9:58
Sorry didn't understand your comment. kill doesn't cause any delay. –  anubhava Apr 8 at 13:08
sorry,can we give sleep time less then one second ? –  Tomas Apr 8 at 14:26
sure, see this Q&A: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/50722/… –  anubhava Apr 8 at 14:33

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