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I tried many things but of no use. I have already raised a question on stackoverflow earlier but I am still facing the same issue. Here is the link to old stackoverflow question creating multiple nodes with properties in json in neo4j

Let me try out explaining with a small example This is the query I want to execute

   "params" : {
      "props" : [
            "LocalAsNumber" : 0,
            "NodeDescription" : "10TiMOS-B-4.0.R2 ",
            "NodeId" : "",
            "NodeName" : "BLR_WAO_SARF7"
   "query" : "MATCH (n:Router) where n.NodeId = {props}.NodeId  RETURN n"}

For simplicity I have added only 1 props array otherwise there are around 5000 props. Now I want to execute the query above but it fails. I tried using (props.NodeId}, {props[NodeID]} but everything fails. Is it possbile to access a individual property in neo4j?

My prog is in c++ and I am using jsoncpp and curl to fire my queries.

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If you do {props}.nodeId in the query then the props parameter must be a map, but you pass in an array. Do

"props" : {
        "LocalAsNumber" : 0,
        "NodeDescription" : "10TiMOS-B-4.0.R2 ",
        "NodeId" : "",
        "NodeName" : "BLR_WAO_SARF7"

You can use an array of maps for parameter either with a simple CREATE statement.

CREATE ({props})

or if you loop through the array to access the individual maps

FOREACH (prop IN {props} | 
    MERGE (i:Interface {nodeId:prop.nodeId})
      ON CREATE SET i = prop
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Does this query string work for you?

"MATCH (n:Router) RETURN [p IN {props} WHERE n.NodeId = p.NodeId | n];"
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