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we have a large form with 3 separate fields for birthday (year, month, day).

To make autofill (f.e. on iOS) work, you have to use specific names on the fields.

According to RFC 3106 ( there are separate names available for Ecom_Payment_Card_ExpDate_Day, Ecom_Payment_Card_ExpDate_Month and Eom_Payment_Card_ExpDate_Year, but I cannot find the correct values for birthday-fields.

If we'd have a general field for the whole date, it would be "birthday", according to Form field names used by personal data auto-fill in browsers (Safari, Opera)

Thanks Raphael

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RFC 3106 is only for E-Commerce, you won't get the Personal detail ones there.

According to Safari AutoFills the file Contents/Resources/English.lproj/ABAutoCompleteMappings.plist within the package there are 3 fields for birthday:

date of birth

You can find the suitable one for yourself.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the link, however, these are still names for the complete birthday and not for separate fields. I expected something like "birthday_year" "birthday_month" and "birthday_day"... – Raphael Jeger Apr 7 '14 at 7:20

The description of autocomplete in the August 2013 version of HTML5 CR contained a list of suggested form field names. It was dropped in the next version, partly because it had not been implemented in browsers. But it might be re-introduced in a later version, and it’s still part of the “WHATWG Living HTML Standard”. So it’s probably the best guess if you wish to use names that might some day become standard. In it, the fields would be bday-year, bday-month, and bday-day (with all-numeric values).

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