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I have created a diagram in SSMS for my database. There are approximately 120 tables are used in this diagram. the problem is that when I copy that diagram from the Edit->Copy Diagram to Clipboard and paste it to MSPaint it gives me error. Error getting the Clipboard data!. I have also tried Fast Stone Capture utility to capture scrolled window. But, it is not taking screenshot properly. So, How do I take screenshot of very large Database Diagram?

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Have you tried pasting the clipboard to another program? Like MS Word, Gimp, Paint.NET etc. –  mnme Apr 7 at 7:25
Also try with beloe link. Convert XPS to PDF/Image by using online converter. dba.stackexchange.com/questions/34132/… –  Jayesh Goyani Apr 7 at 7:28
I have tried in MS Word. But, it gets resized automatically to fit to the document. @mnme –  Shell Apr 7 at 7:29
@Nimesh Try right-clicking on the image in Word and use the "Save as picture" option as described here –  mnme Apr 7 at 7:33

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To minimize resizing in Microsoft word go to "page layout" and choose "size/more pagesizes" and set width and height to max(55,87 cm * 55,87 cm)

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