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Our company should invoke a REST-like service over HTTP that responds status code 102 Processing for lengthy (time-consuming) operations. As I have understood, 102 Processing is not really a part of the official HTTP standard, but an extension for the WebDAV protocol. Said that, it is not a WebDAV we try to access but a HTTP service that "borrows" this status code.

Which java library supports this?

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What do you mean by "supports"? On the server-side you can write any kind of REST service that can set (almost) any value as the response status code. On the client-side (almost) any http library will read the response and return a status code and response body, whatever they are. There is nothing special in the 102 Processing value itself. –  Oleg Estekhin Apr 7 at 8:28
@OlegEstekhin It is client-side I am looking for. 102 is an interim response, meaning like "wait, more is coming but I need some time" and I think this needs some special treatment of the client. –  holmis83 Apr 7 at 8:48
You will have to code that special treatment yourself, like when you perform the request and get 102 you should re-schedule the (same) request again or display some message asking the user to wait and click some button again. The http library knows how to handle 102 "technically" - pass the status code to you, but it does not know how to handle it "semantically" - reschedule/ask user/..., so you will have to do that. –  Oleg Estekhin Apr 7 at 8:54

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1) The HTTP specification defines a status code registry (http://www.iana.org/assignments/http-status-codes); it really doesn't matter in which specification a status code is described.

2) That being said, RFC 4918 (which obsoletes RFC 2518) does not define code 102 anymore (for lack of any implementations).

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Interesting. However, I seem to have stumbled upon a (server-side) implementation, although not in a WebDAV context. –  holmis83 Apr 7 at 12:37

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