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How to check for null in where condition in lambda expression?

listdropdownid.Id = listgroupid.Where(X => X.abc == desc).FirstOrDefault().abc_id.ToStr();
listdropdownid.Desc = desc;

If abc == desc fails, I need to assign null to listdropdownid.Id.

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The most elegant way is to specify another default value using DefaultIfEmpty(newValue):

listdropdownid.Id = listgroupid
    .Where(x => x.abc == desc)
    .Select(x => x.abc_id.ToString())
    .DefaultIfEmpty(null)  // would be more useful if you'd provide a more meaningful value like "<not found>"

That works even with value types, in this case you could also use FirstOrDefault since the default value of string is already null. You just have to select it:

listdropdownid.Id = listgroupid
    .Where(x => x.abc == desc)
    .Select(x => x.abc_id.ToString())
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Thanks a lot.It worked! – user3479588 Apr 7 '14 at 8:44

This should help you:

listdropdownid = listgroupid.Where(X => X.abc == desc).FirstOrDefault();
if (listdropdownid != null)
   // Do something with listdropdownid.Id
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do this

listdropdownid.Id = listgroupid.Where(X=>X!=null).Where(X => X.abc == desc).FirstOrDefault().abc_id.ToStr();
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