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I have my model:

[RegularExpression("[0-9]+", ErrorMessage = "GroupId must be a number")]
public int? GroupId { get; set; }

And WebApi application. I expect controller to return error message like this:

   "$id": "1",
   "Message": "GroupId must be a number"

For example, when I have Required attribute, it works just fine:

[StringLength(64, MinimumLength = 1, ErrorMessage = "Name must be between 1 and 64 characters long.")]
public string Name { get; set; }

   "$id": "1",
   "Message": "The Name field is required."

And ReqularExpression just does not work.

I have also tried:

[RegularExpression(@"^[0-9]+$", ErrorMessage = "GroupId must be a number")]
[RegularExpression("[0-9]+", ErrorMessage = "GroupId must be a number")]
[RegularExpression(@"^([0-9]+)$", ErrorMessage = "GroupId must be a number")]

I have custom ActionFilterAttribute on my WebApi controller. And it creates response using HttpActionContext actionContext.modelState.

modelState.Values[0].Errors[0].Exeption value is null for Regex Attribute, and the Exeption text is "Could not convert string to integer: Path 'GroupId '.

Could someone tell me what is wrong with this?


I create custom validation attribute:

protected override ValidationResult IsValid(object value, ValidationContext validationContext)
            if (value != null)
                int parseResult;

                if (!int.TryParse(value.ToString(), out parseResult))
                    return new ValidationResult("Value must be a number");

            return ValidationResult.Success;

Now object value comes null if non-numeric value was specified.

Also I tried DataAnnotationsExtensions package, it did not help.


Apparently, it because model binding takes place before validation. You can find more information here Server side validation of int datatype

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