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I'would like to redirect a visitor to the Project:index page if he types in www.url.com/project or www.url.com/en/project

Somehow it doesn't find the routes I devined (yes cache was cleared several times)

Here are the routes:

    path:     /project/
    defaults: { _controller: DbeDonaciBundle:Project:root }
        _locale: en|fr|de

    resource: "@DbeDonaciBundle/Resources/config/routing/project.yml"
    prefix:     /{_locale}/project/
        _locale: en|fr|de

And here is the route controller <- this one works normally

public function rootAction(Request $request) {
    $locale = $request -> getLocale();
    return $this -> redirect($this -> generateUrl('dbe_project', array('_locale' => $locale)));

Here is the error message it get:

No route found for "GET /project/"

Thanks already for your help!

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The solution as described above works. It was only necessary to clear the cache (it's always needed with all changes in routing):

php app/console cache:clear --env=prod

php app/console cache:clear --env=dev
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