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Are there any differences between having the include before or after the where as in the queries below. If they are the same is there a prefered one?

DBContext.Items.Where(i => i.ItemCategory == "A")
               .Include(c = c.ItemCategories)
               .Include(g = g.ItemGroups).ToList();


DBContext.Items.Include(c = c.ItemCategories)
               .Include(g = g.ItemGroups)
               .Where(i => i.ItemCategory == "A")
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both are same. its better to use "join" instead of "include". –  Bappi Datta Apr 7 at 9:52
how is the join better? –  breakerdotnet Apr 7 at 10:20
Thank you and very interesting read –  breakerdotnet Apr 9 at 7:23

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There is no difference.

The reason is that you are creating an expression which is executed when the expression is enumerated.

In your case it gets enumerated when ToList is called.

The underlying provider, in this case the Entity Framework LINQ provider, will take the expression and figure out what SQL it needs to come up with. And since the LINQ provider is in control of its execution, it can use the expression and look at it in any order it needs in order to correctly execute the query against the underlying SQL data store.

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