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I have scnerion in which i want to attached some property in neo4j query result. Suppose i have follwoing node.

Node :-1 Name : Raj City : Bangalore

Node :-2 Name : Isha City : Pune

Node :-3 Name : Iva City : London

So when i query (MATCH n RETURN n;) it will give me complete result. But I want result like this.

Node :-1 Name : Raj City : Bangalore Status: yes

Node :-2 Name : Isha City : Pune Status: yes

Node :-3 Name : Iva City : London Status: yes

So status attribute will be add in result. IN SQL i know how to do this. SQL:- SELECT Name,City, 'yes' AS Status FROM table; will give me result with status column added by query itself.

Is neo4j or cypher provide this type of functionality? Is yes please provide me detail.

Thanks you

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I would do this in the same way as you suggest in your SQL query, by explicitly asking for what properties to return, rather than returning only the node properties:

RETURN n.Name, n.City, 'yes' AS status
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Thanks @jakewins, Thank you for the quick answer. :-) – Raj Apr 8 '14 at 5:33

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