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Just do not understand why the following two have different values. The first one has value 0, while the other has value 1

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do if(1/10.0) or if(1.0/10) or if(1.0/10.0) and it will give you 0.1 as division will be done with floating point values. –  Tahlil Apr 7 at 10:49
you can also use 1f/10 –  Grijesh Chauhan Apr 7 at 11:13
... or 1./10 or 1/10.. –  alk Apr 7 at 11:33

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Here the condition is executed and checked with 0. If that is 0 that means false else that means true. 1/10 gives value 0 which is equal to 0 ( as integer/integer gives integer result) so condition failes, where as 0.1 is not equal to 0, so it is treated as true and currespoinding statements in if block will be executed.

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By default the type of 1 is int, thus 1/10 will be rounded down to 0 which is equivalent to false. While 0.1 has some bits set and is not 0.

On the other hand 1.0/10 is equivalent to 0.1.

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I think it's good to note, that even 1.0/10 and 0.1 are not necessarely equal, because of floating point numbers representation features. –  FreeNickname Apr 7 at 10:48

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