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I have a large dataset containing polygons of vegetation zones (vegtypesmap). I want to select some of these polygons from a list (sample_va). The header for the collumn of vegetation types is merge_code in both files. I can subset an individual polygon sucessfully using the following code:

vegtypesmap <- readShapeSpatial("GRASS_Dominants_13Aug2013")
#vegtypesmap is the shape file for the polygons of all the vegetation types
#sample_va is a list of all the wanted polygons

sample = vegtypesmap[vegtypesmap$merge_code ==  "VENEZ_1_81",]
#to subset just the polygon Venez_1_81

however I have a list in a csv file with the names of a load of polygons I want to subset. I've tried the following two ways which have not worked:

#is a dataframe with a list of the polygons I want to subset and plot
vegtypesmap <- readShapeSpatial("GRASS_Dominants_13Aug2013")

sample = vegtypesmap[vegtypesmap$merge_code ==  sample_va$merge_code,]
sample = vegtypesmap[vegtypesmap %in% sample_va$merge_code ==TRUE,]
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Perhaps you're close. Your use of %in% is a bit off. Remove the == TRUE part and see what happens. This is how you use the function: letters %in% c("u", "s", "e", "r"). –  Roman Luštrik Apr 7 at 12:20

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