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I am new to neo4j and still figuring out why this is failing. Here is my json query that I am passing

FOREACH(p in {props} | 
MERGE (n:Router {NodeId:p.NodeId})-[r:has_interface]->(I:Interface {IfIPAddress:p.IfIPAddress}) 

props is a array of collection that I am passing in params. Props has a property NodeId. This is what I want to achieve

1) I have already created thousands nodes labelled Router with property NodeId 2) I want to create Interfaces for these nodes. 3) Now if the NodeId in the props collection matches the Router NodeId, I want to create Interface with relation to the Router node as -> (has_interface)

When I run this json query using curl and json it gives me exception saying

  "message" : "Query not prepared correctly!",
  "exception" : "InternalException"

What can be the issue. I checked the query many times and it seems to be correct

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You shouldn't need the backslash after the ON CREATE statement. Other than that, it looks like it should work - could you provide the stack trace that comes with the error message? – jakewins Apr 7 '14 at 13:11

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You are probably using version 2.0.0 which had a bug. Use 2.0.1 (or above) and you're fine, as your syntax is correct.

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Yes, I am using version 2.0.0. Thanks a lot for letting me know this otherwise I would have gone wild. I will try this out and update the thread – Nipun Apr 7 '14 at 14:01
It worked in 2.0.1. Thanks a lot – Nipun Apr 8 '14 at 4:41

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