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I am looking at building a social network and was wondering the benefits of using a specific graph database (neo4j) compared to MySQL.

I am competent in using MySQL and was wondering if neo4j would offer anything more than ease of use. I am put off from using neo4j as I don't quite understand how to access it client side.

Please help

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Basically you can query for patterns and perform depth-first queries more efficiently. –  MarcoCI Apr 7 '14 at 13:25
Graph databases excel when you want to do data-mining on the network. It makes it much easier and more performant to find people with common friends, people with similar interests or the degree of separation between people. –  Philipp Apr 7 '14 at 13:43

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Graph databases use to have a custom (like Cypher in case of Neo4j, SPARQL in case of OrientDB) or "standard" query language (like Gremlin in case of TitanDB, OrientDB or Neo4j).

These languages are oriented to perform complex queries (usually called traversals) like using patterns or navigation with multiple hops very efficiently.

For more details:

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An excellent resource is the free Graph Databases book from O'Reilly. It is written by folks at neo4j, and is chock full of information about why graph databases are better for social networking applications, and how to implement such applications.

Bottom line is: graph DBs can be several orders of magnitude faster than SQL DBs at social networking queries.

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