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I'm new to ES and currently evaluating how it would work for us as a backend for storing log data/events. One of the requirements is to bulk update all indexed events and, e.g. add a field.

I looked at the query DSL but I can't find an example for a query that would retrieve all docs which do NOT contain a certain field. The DSL is very expressive when it comes to describing values, but not fieldnames and field existence.

Maybe this is an unusual usecase for typical ES users but I already ran into a real need for it when playing with the ElasticSearch ELK stack. When I inserted data into ES which had the wrong format for Kibana, I got loads of exceptions. Now I wanted to correct the format but I can't retrieve the corrupted documents. Is there a way?

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¨this might be what you're looking for… – Touchpad Apr 7 '14 at 14:13
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You should be able to use the "exists" filter in conjunction with the "not" filter mentioned above by @touchpad or simply the "missing" filter

   "filter": {
      "not": {
         "exists": {
            "field": <field_name>
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thx! I missed the "exists" filter while looking at the docs – Cpt. Senkfuss Apr 7 '14 at 15:11

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