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I have my XAML file declared as

<l:MoineauPumpCorrectionsWindowBase x:Class="WeinCad.Controls.View.MoineauPumpCorrectionsWindow"


        Title="MoineauPumpCorrectionsWindow" Height="389.8" Width="538.2"

        d:DataContext="{d:DesignInstance vm:MoineauPumpCorrectionsViewModel
                         , d:IsDesignTimeCreatable=True}"

However I get the error

Warning 1   Could not load type


from assembly 

    , Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

17  9   WeinCad.Controls

I am aware to load the type I should have a zero args constructor in my viewmodel as below

    public MoineauPumpCorrectionsViewModel() 
    : this(new MockIOService(), DesignCorrections)

but I still get the error.

Note that Resharper is still able to use the declaration to do static analysis on the XAML file but I don't get designer support for the view model.

Can anybody explain how to get rid of this error?

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Try Set d:IsDesignTimeCreatable to False –  lll Apr 7 at 15:40
Tried that. Didn't make a difference –  bradgonesurfing Apr 7 at 15:43
I'm suspecting the this on the default constructor. Hm. I may be wrong. –  lll Apr 7 at 15:44
Have you tried manually creating an instance of the object in XAML ? –  Aybe Apr 7 at 22:40
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