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I have a JTextArea inside a JPanel. The JPanel is set to the default FlowLayout.

I assigned to the JTextArea a size through the constructor: new JTextArea(50,50).

However, not only the size I specified is ignored once it's out of a certain range (for example, if I set the size to a value larger than 40*40, the program starts to ignore what I say and instead set the JTextArea to some arbitrary size) - the size also changes as I type. The JTextArea resizes itself if I type inside it more than it can contain.

I did:


Didn't solve this.

How can I set a fixed size for the JTextArea?

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If you include it in a JScrollPane that might solve your problem :

JTextArea textArea = new JTextArea(50, 50);
JScrollPane scrollPane = new JScrollPane( textArea );

You might also have to change you Layout, because by default I think it use the BorderLayout that expands your components. Or put it in PAGE_START like this :

add(new JScrollPane(new JTextArea(50, 50)), BorderLayout.PAGE_START);
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Thanks, I'll try this. Out of curiousoty, why doesn't setting the rows and columns properties work? It's supposed to, isn't it? Does it maybe depend on the layout manager? –  Prog Apr 7 at 14:14
I think colums and rows are just a preffered setting. May be try with the second proposition –  BaptisteL Apr 7 at 14:15
Swing is so mysterious sometimes.. –  Prog Apr 7 at 14:16
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If you want to have fixed size, you have to put it inside a box like JScrollPane:

JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane(textarea);

if you want the text area to fit maximum number of letters:

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Thanks, I'll try this solution and say if it worked. Just curious, why doesn't the setting-size-through-constructor work? It's supposed to, isn't it? Does it maybe depend on the layout manager? –  Prog Apr 7 at 14:11
It also depends on you layout manager and width of the box (it can be fixed or scale-to-fit. –  agilob Apr 7 at 14:14
What do you mean by 'width of the box'? Do you mean the width of the JPanel containing the JTextArea? –  Prog Apr 7 at 14:16
@Prog Sorry, I took name 'box' from Qt ;) Yes, I meant a part of a layout, a grid in JGridBag or JBoxLayout. You can try JavaFX unless you don't need to run it on openjdk. It's easier to write, debug and design. –  agilob Apr 7 at 14:20
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Try using textArea.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(WIDTH, HEIGHT));

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Didn't work. :\ –  Prog Apr 7 at 14:13
setPreferredSize() won't work untill you have proper layout manager, so it's usually a bad idea to believe it will always work. –  agilob Apr 7 at 14:26
The preferred size of a JTextArea when added to a scroll pane comes from the getPreferredScrollableViewportSize method, which uses the rows and columns properties to calculate the size based on the current font metrics –  MadProgrammer Apr 8 at 2:44
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