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I am working on a app that renders image in the the TV… A typical user will launch the receiver app from a sender and shut the sender app.

Once the app is launched by the sender , the receiver loads a page that fetches and displays a set of images with text to a user.

The app works well except for the fact that it terminates randomly without cause after a certain period of time, as a result the user cannot see all the images the receiver app intends to display.

The receiver console logs are…

[1830.772s] [cast.receiver.IpcChannel] Received message: {"data":"{\"reason\":\"transport_too_long_inactive\",\"senderId\":\"10:client-94641\",\"type\":\"senderdisconnected\"}","namespace":"urn:x-cast:com.google.cast.system","senderId":"SystemSender”}

[1830.781s] [cast.receiver.CastMessageBus] Dispatching CastMessageBus message [urn:x-cast:com.google.cast.system, SystemSender]: {"reason":"transport_too_long_inactive","senderId":"10:client-94641","type":"sender disconnected”}

Also I used the HelloText Chrome app as the baseline for my app.

Any help would be highly appreciated…

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Well, the log says it is disconnected due to inactivity for too long. Is that the case when you see the disconnect?

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Yes I did see that in the log, but what is inactivity… is it a) communication between the sender and the receiver, or is it b) the receiver being in an idle state with regards to a) There is no communication between the sender and the receiver needed once the sender asked the receiver to run an app that shows images and is done showing images or running the app. with regards to b) the receiver is running the image rendering app, there is no more communication or activity needed between the sender and receiver as the receiver is not done finishing the task assigned. So what is inactivity –  Vishal Apr 7 at 17:30
I am hoping someone looks at this... I think there is a real problem here... –  Vishal Apr 8 at 18:05
Are you sure your connectivity to sender is not broken due to network issues? There is a heartbeat between a sender and receiver that helps both sides realize that the other one is not accessible any longer. The error that you are seeing is pointing to failure to receive this heartbeat. –  Ali Naddaf Apr 8 at 20:22
Thats what I suspected is the problem... in the case of chrome browsers... the user will launch the app and then engage with the app..he will step away from the PC... a typical computer with have a sleep on idle setup... so when the computer goes to sleep the network connectivity is lost... but the user is watching the app on his tv... so while a heart beat to a mobile device makes sense as it is always on... a pc on the other hand is not always on... the question is... is there a work around... –  Vishal Apr 9 at 12:12
Yes, your implementation of that callback is responsible for the behavior you're seeing. –  Ali Naddaf Apr 10 at 0:59

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