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I'm facing a design issue that my poor Scala level cannot handle.

I have an abstract class, let's say:

abstract class AbstractJob {
    def run: Long
    implicit val someVal: String

Then, I have "platforms" on which jobs can be ran.

I want to declare subclasses containing real "jobs" (no need to know what it should actually do). Ideally, I want them to be declared this way:

class OneJob with Platform1 with Platform2 {
    override def run = { 
        ... some code returning a long result ... 

    override implicit val someVal = "foo"

Indeed, jobs can have multiple platforms on which they can be ran.

However, the run method on jobs must be launched by the platforms. Therefore I tried to use a self-type:

trait Platform1 { self: AbstractJob =>
    def runOnPlatform = someFunctionRelatedToPlatform(run(someVal))

Unfortunately when calling someVal value (in any job extending AbstractJob), I get a null value. I went to the conclusion that self-type in traits are directly related to the defined class (and not the actual class, which is a subtype in my case)

I tried to define another type type Jobs :> AbstractJob for the self-type in the trait but that didn't work.

I have a limited number of backup solutions, but I want to use the "full power" of Scala and avoid developers to write a lot of redundant and "plumber" code (related to platforms and AbstractJob class in my example).

  1. AbstractJob calls directly runOnPlatform with an "abstract" function to be implemented in concrete jobs. In this case my users will only write the business code they need but I'm quite sure I can do better using Scala concepts. I'm feeling that I'm just using Java (and generally OOP) concepts in Scala...
  2. Let the users write a hell lot of redundant code... Obviously I'm avoiding this as much as possible!!

I hope I'm clear enough!

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My first thought is that inheritance is the wrong way to model the association between the job and the platforms. –  Randall Schulz Apr 7 at 17:04
I couldn't completely get your problem yet. But I think early initialization might be your solution. If you can post complete example, with your requirement, may be we can help. –  tiran Apr 7 at 17:08
@RandallSchulz You're right. My intention was to use traits as a way to plug "launchers" for job on any platform and inheritance is the wrong way. I wanted to use traits as decorators which is a bad idea in my case... Thanks! –  user3485809 Apr 8 at 8:48

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