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I have the following mock service:

.service('mockSwfObjectService' , function() {
    var mockObject = {
            mockFunction : function() {return true}
    this.getMockSwf = function() {
        return mockSwfObject;

...and the following unit test:

describe('Unit Testing Factory Tests' , function() {
    var $scope = {};
    var tfLog ;
    var mockSwfObject;

    //load thinflash module before each test
    beforeEach(module('thinflash') , function ($provide) {
        $provide.value('swfObject', mockSwfObject);

    beforeEach(inject(function(mockSwfObjectService) {
        var service = 'mockSwfObjectService';
        mockSwfObject = service.getMockSwf();

$scope.thinflash = new thinflash.flash(tfLog);

I can't figure out how to inject mockSwfObjectService into the test.

My Module in this test is thinflash and the module of the mockService I set up is tftest.services. thinflash has tftest.services as a dependency.

Any help fixing the test and understanding what's wrong is greatly appreciated!

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