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I am getting the runtime error {"Bad Length.\r\n"} on the line:

return rsa.Encrypt(bytes, true);

This is in the function:

 private static byte[] Encrypt(byte[] bytes)
            using (RSACryptoServiceProvider rsa = new RSACryptoServiceProvider())
                string test = Properties.Settings.Default.PublicKeyXml;

                return rsa.Encrypt(bytes, true);

I am using a key size of 8192:

CspParameters cspParams = new CspParameters();
                cspParams.KeyContainerName = "XML_ENC_RSA_KEY";
                RSACryptoServiceProvider rsaKey = new RSACryptoServiceProvider(8192, cspParams);
                string keyXml = rsaKey.ToXmlString(true);

The XML file is small. According to the length at runtime, it is only 225 bytes:

string fileName = System.IO.Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, "alphaService.xml");
                XDocument doc = new XDocument();
                XElement xml = new XElement("Info",
                    new XElement("DatabaseServerName", txtServerName.Text),
                    new XElement("DatabaseUserName", txtDatabaseUserName.Text),
                    new XElement("DatabasePassword", txtDatabasePassword.Text),
                    new XElement("ServiceAccount", txtAccount.Text),
                    new XElement("ServicePassword", txtServicePassword.Text),
                    new XElement("RegistrationCode", txtRegistrationCode.Text));


                // Convert XML doc to byte stream
                XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();
                byte[] fileBytes = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(xmlDoc.OuterXml);
                int fileBytesLength = fileBytes.Length;


According to this SO post, a key size of 4096 bytes should have been sufficient:

((KeySize - 384) / 8) + 7

What key size do I have to use? Why doesn't 8096 bytes work? How can I get this to work?

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I would strongly recommend not encrypting your XML directly with an RSA key. It doesn't scale, and is far slower than symmetric encryption. A better approach would be to encrypt your XML with a symmetric algorithm, like AES, then encrypt the AES symmetric key with your RSA key. –  vcsjones Apr 7 at 17:13
Could you please show the code to do this in an answer? –  user2471435 Apr 7 at 17:19
@vcsjones is right, don't rely on RSA to do your encryption for an arbitrary amount of data. Use it to safely exchange a symmetric key which can be a known length. –  Nighthawk441 Apr 7 at 17:20
Is the key contained in your first code snippet the one you're actually using? If so, it's only 1024 bit, not 8192. –  Iridium Apr 7 at 21:28
@Iridium I knew I missed something, well spotted. –  owlstead Apr 13 at 20:52
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This is the same error I found when I tried the code of one or your other post.

Change this

byte[] fileBytes = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(xmlDoc.OuterXml);

to this

byte[] fileBytes = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(xmlDoc.ToString());

I would also suggest that you change your encoding from default to Encoding.ASCII or something more defined. It will be easier to convert it to a string to save and then back to a byte array to decrypt.

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