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I need icons for a site I'm having developed, and therefore I need .svg files. I have a .psd file that I save as a .ps file. I then attempt to use cloudconvert.org to convert the .ps file to .svg. The problem is that it fails to capture the whole image -- only leaving about 40% of the original. What can I do??

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use illustrator instead! –  Rachel Gallen Apr 7 at 17:18
@RachelGallen unfortunately I don't use either. I paid a freelancer and he did the work in PS. –  Bee Smears Apr 7 at 17:22
you can download a trial vsn of illustrator for free for 30 days form the adobe website –  Rachel Gallen Apr 7 at 17:24

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Assuming you have the Adobe suite, you can use Photoshop to File - > Export-> Paths to Illustrator, save as a .ai file and then save it as an svg from illustrator without losing quality.

Hope this helps

EDIT: you can download a trial version of illustrator for free for 30 days form the adobe website

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I'll give it a go. Thank you, Rachel. –  Bee Smears Apr 7 at 17:34
anytime, you're welcome –  Rachel Gallen Apr 7 at 17:35
When I "Export" as Paths to Illustrator and open in illustrator, I see nothing -- literally a blank AI canvas inside the screen -- yet I believe that I am following the steps perfectly. Any thoughts? Does that problem sound familiar or is it more likely something specific to my setup/process? Thanks for any assistance. –  Bee Smears Apr 8 at 15:52
You can just copy and paste from ps to ai and go that way. ... –  Rachel Gallen Apr 10 at 15:12

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