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I'm trying to create a login system using Flask and HTTP Basic Auth. My question is, is it my responsibility to provide user information from databases, or does basicauth create and access those databases for me? If it doesn't, what can I use to do that?

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basicauth is a standard for exchanging usernames and passwords with a server.. It won't provide user information to authenticate against, no. – Martijn Pieters Apr 7 '14 at 17:30
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Werkzeug can decode the Basic Authorization header for you, into the username and password. The rest is up to you to see what you want to do with that information.

The request.authorization attribute returns a Authorization object. For basic authentication headers, only username and password are set.

A simple Flask snippet is available that uses that object in a decorator to protect Flask routes against some hard-coded information.

A project like Flask-Login can help you manage more complex logins with Basic Authorization, and tie that in with a user model you provide. That model can be stored in a database or anything else you so desire.

And you can look at Flask-Security for a more fully integrated security package that uses Flask-Login and other packages to provide Basic Authentication and session based logins.

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The Flask-HTTPAuth extension (shameless plug, I'm the author) simplifies the implementation of HTTP Basic Auth. Instead of working with the request.authorization data directly you set up callback functions where you plug the authentication logic.

Regarding your database question, Flask-HTTPAuth makes no assumptions about how your users are stored. You have to provide the logic that retrieves users and validates passwords.

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