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I am trying to make this view query two tables and then roll up each Program ID into one row with all the AttributeNames in the AttributeNames colum together

I joined these two tables and it pulled up the proper amount of records. If you check out the image you will see what the results are for this query.

http://mbdev.myftp.biz:8050/images/CSMPG-ProgramsSQLview2.jpg I posted a link to the image because the forums won't let me, without the image it makes it 100 times harder to explain what I am asking.

Now all I need for this part would be to roll these up where I have one row per ProgramID and all the AttributeNames' together in a AttributeNames column for each id.

EXAMPLE: All in one row.

ProgramID      | AttributeNames
887            | Studydesign, Control Groups, Primary Outcomes.

Here is the image of the SQL VIEW that I need to modified so it does this: enter image description here


SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.tblProgramAttributes.ProgramID,
       dbo.tblProgramAttributes.AttributeID AS PAattributeID, 
FROM   dbo.tblProgramAttributes INNER JOIN
ON     dbo.tblProgramAttributes.AttributeID = dbo.tblAttributes.AttributeID
WHERE (dbo.tblProgramAttributes.AttributeID NOT LIKE '%ProgramType%')
ORDER BY dbo.tblProgramAttributes.ProgramID DESC
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Upload the images to the post, please. No offense, but I'm not clicking on nontrusted links –  Tomas Pastircak Apr 7 at 17:36
@TomasPastircak, OP doesnt have enough rep to upload images. –  paqogomez Apr 7 at 17:37
See the following link: stackoverflow.com/questions/194852/… –  abaldwin99 Apr 7 at 18:06
Any issue w/ my answer or fiddle? Let me know if there is anything i missed, or more that you need. –  paqogomez Apr 7 at 21:23

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select ProgramId,
    select ','+ [attributename] from Table1 where programid = t.programid for XML path('')
),1,1,'') as AttributeNames
from (select distinct programid from Table1 )t

Check out my sql fiddle


887         Study Design,Control Groups,Primary Outcomes
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Thanks a bunch; I took what you did and added it onto what I was doing and it worked. Thanks :) –  user3507497 Apr 8 at 2:07
@user3507497, glad it worked! (fyi, Upvotes are customary when you approve an answer ;) –  paqogomez Apr 8 at 2:10
I am new here, I clicked the up arrow over the green check mark if that is how you do it. –  user3507497 Apr 8 at 17:10
@user3507497 That'll do it. Thats what makes people happy to help out around here. Weird isnt it? :) –  paqogomez Apr 8 at 17:23

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