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Adding a polygon?

local = Local.new(:geom => **Polygon('-71.1776585052917 42.3902909739571,-71.1776820268866 42.3903701743239,-71.1776063012595 42.3903825660754')**)

Error: syntax error, unexpected tFLOAT, expecting '>'

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Constructing a polygon:

Polygon.from_coordinates([[[-71.1776585052917,42.3902909739571],[-71.1776820268866,42.3903701743239],[-71.1776063012595,42.3903825660754],[-71.1776585052917,42.3902909739571]]], 4326)

Make sure the exterior linear ring is closed (i.e., triangles have four points). I'm also setting an SRID=4326 which is a guess that you are using WGS 84.

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