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Hope someone can help me!

I have a client with a form on every page. However, when you fill out the form and click submit, it keeps you ON the same page, but adds the following parameter to the end of the URL:


I don't feel comfortable giving out the client site, so in one example I will just show "domain.com" as their domain. So examples of the different URLs are:

www.domain.com?&submsg=1 <---this one I can't see in Analytics, it's what URL you're sent to when you fill out the form on the homepage and click submit.

Other page URLs include:


And so on. Can anyone tell me what Regular Expression characters I would use to set this up to track as a destination goal in Google Analytics? Is it possible? Or would it be easier to have the client program the form to all go to one specific TY page? (They used to do that, not sure why they changed it!)

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if you can't see those URLs (query param included) in your pages report, then you can't make a goal out of it –  Crayon Violent Apr 7 '14 at 18:26
but in general, the regex would be ^.*[\?&]submsg=1(&|$) –  Crayon Violent Apr 7 '14 at 18:28

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