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I am creating a site like OLX.in and quikr.com.

I want in my site that user select the location (OR auto detect location if possible) and redirect to page that contain location based ads.

i dont want to create individual domain like OLX, e.g delhi.olx.in, jaipur.olx.in etc..

so, please help me that what will be the logic behind this?


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1. Get the IP address of the user. 2. Use 3rd party services(some free though) to identify the location of the user using the IP address (might not be 100% accurate). 3. Based on the location you may set a cookie, so the next time he visits you can access the data in the cookie for location. 4. Proceed with your redirect or other operations. –  Viswalinga Surya S Apr 7 at 18:36
i have tried this... but auto detect location is not working properly... ip address gets fluctuate randonly.. it shows sometine delhi, sometime jaipur and sometine pune.. etc... –  FarwallGhost Apr 7 at 19:05
Yeah I have said you that in my comment, it might not be 100% accurate. –  Viswalinga Surya S Apr 7 at 19:06
used 3rd party services like ip.codehelper.io its ramdomly changing –  FarwallGhost Apr 7 at 19:07
May be have a look at this, w3schools.com/html/html5_geolocation.asp –  Viswalinga Surya S Apr 7 at 19:08

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