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I have a checkboxes that are being stored in a cookie.

Here is the jquery code:

//JQuery that will set the checkbox in it's current state
 $("#checkAll").on("change", function() {
    $(':checkbox').not(this).prop('checked', this.checked);

  $(":checkbox").on("change", function(){
    var checkboxValues = {};
      checkboxValues[this.id] = this.checked;
    $.cookie('checkboxValues', checkboxValues, { expires: 7, path: '/' })

  function repopulateCheckboxes(){
    var checkboxValues = $.cookie('checkboxValues');
      Object.keys(checkboxValues).forEach(function(element) {
        var checked = checkboxValues[element];
        $("#" + element).prop('checked', checked);

  $.cookie.json = true;

The code above works perfectly but when I try to use a button to uncheck them it does not uncheck at all.

Here is the function that I used:


What should I do? could somebody help me.

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Do you know if the click callback is even firing? Are some of the checkboxes clearing, but not all of them? –  Joel Cornett Apr 7 at 19:10
Checkboxes are clearing but after an refresh to the page it goes back to being checked. –  user3230425 Apr 7 at 19:17
then on page load clear your cookie –  janina Apr 7 at 19:20
A page refresh will result in a call to repopulateCheckboxes(). Assuming that function works as expected, of course the checkbox states will be restored! –  Joel Cornett Apr 7 at 19:24
How do you workaround that? –  user3230425 Apr 7 at 19:26

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Give all checkboxes a class such as myclass.Then using jquey Remove your cookie in document.ready function

 $.cookie("checkboxValues", null);//checkboxValues is the name of your cookie

for jquery 1.6+


for jquery 1.5-

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try this


or this if not have common class

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