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I'm testing a controller method that remembers inside cookies the values passed to a method. It's like a Like but without a user related. The user is forgotten when the cookie is deleted or expired.

public function testUtilConCookieRepetido() {
    $this->assertEqual($this->controller->Cookie->read('PreguntaFrecuente'), array(1, 2) );

The test always fails, but the code works when used on the web browser.

The controller action:

$this->Pregunta->id = $id_pregunta;
if (!$this->Pregunta->exists()) {
   throw new NotFoundException('La pregunta no existe!');
if ($this->Cookie->check('PreguntaFrecuente')) {
    $preguntas = $this->Cookie->read('PreguntaFrecuente');
    if (!array_key_exists($id_pregunta, array_flip($preguntas))) {
       $preguntas[] = intval($id_pregunta);
       $this->Cookie->write('PreguntaFrecuente', $preguntas);
} else {
     $this->Cookie->write( array(
        'PreguntaFrecuente' => array(intval($id_pregunta))
     ) );

return $this->redirect(array('action' => 'view', $id_pregunta));

It's the controller reseted after each callback?

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