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I want to remove carriage return and space from a string for exemple:

var t ="     \n \n    aaa \n bbb \n ccc \n";

I want to have as result:

t = "aaa bbb ccc"

I use this one, it removes carriage return but I still have spaces

t.replace(/[\n\r]/g, '');

Please someone help me.

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add \s to it: /[\s\n\r]/g –  vp_arth Apr 7 at 19:33
@vp_arth what's the point to include \n and \r if \s already matches them? –  Ulugbek Umirov Apr 7 at 19:40
Maybe I wrong... I remember some about lineends and global flag.. may be about a point? sorry) –  vp_arth Apr 7 at 19:44
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 t.replace(/[\n\r]+/g, '');


 t.replace(/\s{2,10}/g, ' ');

The 2nd one should get rid of more than 1 space

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Or you can do using single regex:

t.replace(/\s+/g, ' ')

Also you will need to call .trim() because of leading and trailing spaces. So the full one will be:

t = t.replace(/\s+/g, ' ').trim();
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where you find trim? –  vp_arth Apr 7 at 19:35
@vp_arth In all major browsers and IE>8. –  Ulugbek Umirov Apr 7 at 19:38
+1 for altest edite (deleted mine) –  anubhava Apr 7 at 19:47
and I still call replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,'') for this :) Need to review updates) –  vp_arth Apr 7 at 19:47
@tenub I replace multiple whitespaces with single space. So if there were leading whitespaces, there will be leading space. If there were trailing whitespaces, there will be trailing space. We get rid of them using .trim(). EDIT: oops, @tenub already deleted the question. –  Ulugbek Umirov Apr 7 at 19:50
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