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I have a Struts select list however i would like to use javascript to set selected option to the default headerKey and headerValue specified when creating the item. I am unable to get the option to set. Under is my select list:

Struts Select List

<s:select id="relationshipTypeId"
name="relationshipTypelist" headerKey= "0" headerValue="Select Relationship Type"
listKey="id" listValue="relationshipName"/>


This does not work it only sets the display item to 0 i would like it to default to the headerKey and headerValue.

  document.getElementById('relationshipTypeId').value = 0;
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Your code should work. BTW it is strange to use the same attribute for both list and name: the first is the collection you are showing from the first action, the second is the selected value to send to the target action. –  Andrea Ligios Apr 7 '14 at 21:56

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This worked for me after i posted this question

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