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This is probably a very simple thing, but I'm very new to Javascript and HTML5 and can't seem to find an answer to my question.

I'm currently developing an app for Samsung Smart TV.

I currently have 2 major files: Main.js and index.html, in which most of my code is written. Also, I have a style sheet called Main.css.

My problem: I have a button the screen, that when pressing it (that is, when pushing enter on the remote), I want the screen to change in to a completely different one (from welcome screen to admin settings). How do I do that??

Hope my question is not too general. Any help would be appreciated.

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please don't use window.location on Samsung Smart TV Platform, It will cause all your data lost since the javascript variable not passed to other page –  imkrisna Apr 8 at 9:01

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You should divide your index.html with divs that represent a scene. To make it easy please use Basic Project it will generate a pattern to split the html/css/js like different pages and you only need to call sf.scene.show("SettingsScene")

If you're using javascript project, then the answer from user3384518 is the only way. Like i mentioned above, split your body to several divs and do hide/show the div

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Your question is clear, but you don't say if you use a library (or not).

So, if you use jQuery :

$('.myButtonName').click(function () {
    $('#myWelcomScreenDiv').hide(200, function () {

But, if you would like to do something better, I recommend you to use a framework like Backbone.js or Angular.js.

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