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I've got one line (not wrapped) text inside full width div.

Is it possible to animate this element text alignment so text moves to given side/center - I know I could mensure width and use relative/absolute positioning, but I dont find it straight solution and it also may cause some responsive issues?

Here is demo without animations yet.

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Try this ;) –  mdesdev Apr 7 at 22:17

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text-align property is not animatable, so you can't use it with css transition nor with jquery animate .. Your best shot would be the positioning (use percentage units to retain responsivity).

Hope this helps ...

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Ok I get it. Anyway, percents will not help for responsivity as container width will change, but text font size > width of text itself will stay the same –  Kluska000 Apr 7 at 22:12

Maybe javascript created marquee would help you out here? <marque> tag is not best way but maybe js marquee would suit you. Marquee (with optional start/stop buttons)

Update: As I understand that marquee would not be best for your needs I came out with another solution using margin-left and changing its value.

Value for right button would depend on how long text you would have there but you can always check that width elements width and adjust in code. I have updated the fiddle with that change in mind: final Fiddle

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how would you like to use it to change text alignment? –  Kluska000 Apr 7 at 21:48
I assumed you want to animate your text through entire div to the side but after that comment it looks like that is not the case? –  scx Apr 7 at 21:52
Indeed I want, but I dont find how you will know when to start - stop Marquee or make css easing etc? –  Kluska000 Apr 7 at 22:02
I've updated the answer. I have removed text-alignment and made that using margin-left. –  scx Apr 7 at 22:21
jsfiddle.net/LNfqj/6 this is your solution with longer text. –  Kluska000 Apr 7 at 22:31

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