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This question on the codegolf.SE sandbox is about writing hangman solvers. I want to write a main "game" program that outputs underscores, and takes single alphabets as input; and another program, the "solver", will take the underscores as input and outputs the letters.

I have no previous knowledge on how to do this. I tried the method described here and here, but still no luck.

My sample game program in python is as follows:

import sys
for i in s:
print ''.join(s2)
sys.stderr.write('debug _______\n')
while err<6 and '_' in s2:
    for i in range(0, len(s)):
        if s[i]==c:
    if nomatch:
    print ''.join(s2)

And my sample solver program is as follows:

import sys
sys.stderr.write('debug H\n')
print 'H'
print 'A'
print 'N'
print 'G'
print 'M'

Then in my terminal I tried the following:

mkfifo fifo
python game.py <fifo | python solver.py >fifo


coproc python game.py
python solver.py <&${COPROC[0]} >&${COPROC[1]}


{ python game.py | python solver.py; } >/dev/fd/0

All of these give only the first debug message from game.py, and then seems like both programs are waiting for input. What did I do wrong and how do I fix this?

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It is waiting, because you keep writing raw_input; this will wait for input –  jonrsharpe Apr 7 at 21:51
@jonrsharpe I'm trying to implement a way such that the output of game.py will be piped into solver.py, and then the output of solver.py will be piped to game.py - that is, the raw_input() in solver.py should accept the input from the output of game.py –  ace Apr 7 at 22:08
Are you determined to run this over the pipe? It might be easier to set it up as a pure Python script, then adapt it to command line use later. –  jonrsharpe Apr 8 at 10:10
@jonsharpe I do not know how to do this in a pure python script, which is why I am resolving to pipes. Also, since this will be used in a language agnostic contest, the redirection must be done either on the game side or the shell, but not the solver side. Besides, I have finally solved it. It would be nice if you can give me some pointers on how to do it in pure python though, just so I can understand this language better. :) –  ace Apr 8 at 10:22

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I managed to solve this using the mkfifo fifo method by adding sys.stdout.flush() after every print statement.

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