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In the code below, in line 4 I can transpose the dataframe, but in line 5, when I use to_csv, the new CSV file is created, it remains the original version and not the transposed one. What might have gone wrong?

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('~/N.csv')

df2 = df.T

df2 = df.to_csv('~/N_transposed.csv')

Thank you!

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Why do you expect to get back a dataframe from the df.to_csv() command? –  K.-Michael Aye Apr 17 at 2:49

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No need to use df2 =

This is enough..

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Resolved. Thank you so much! –  ap235711 Apr 8 at 5:32

In line 5, use

df3 = df2.to_csv('~/N_transposed.csv') 



The df variable has not been altered, the result is stored in df2 and that's what you need to output to csv, not df.to_csv.

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Problem solved. Thank you so much! –  ap235711 Apr 8 at 5:31
@ap235711 Well I see you've already accepted another answer. Cool then ☺ –  mu 無 Apr 8 at 22:14

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