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So I keep getting the error:

No route matches {:action=>"create", :controller=>"xaaron/api_keys"}

Which is thrown in the test:

it "should not create an api key for those not logged in" do
  post :create
  expect(response).to redirect_to xaaron.login_path

when I go to spec/dummy and run the rake routes command I see:

       api_keys GET    /api_keys(.:format)                 xaaron/api_keys#index
                POST   /api_keys(.:format)                 xaaron/api_keys#create
    new_api_key GET    /api_keys/new(.:format)             xaaron/api_keys#new
   edit_api_key GET    /api_keys/:id/edit(.:format)        xaaron/api_keys#edit
        api_key GET    /api_keys/:id(.:format)             xaaron/api_keys#show
                PATCH  /api_keys/:id(.:format)             xaaron/api_keys#update
                PUT    /api_keys/:id(.:format)             xaaron/api_keys#update
                DELETE /api_keys/:id(.:format)             xaaron/api_keys#destroy

Which shows that yes this route does exist. My routes file for this engine looks like:

Xaaron::Engine.routes.draw do
      get 'login' => 'sessions#new', :as => 'login'
      get 'logout' => 'sessions#destroy', :as => 'logout'
      get 'signup' => 'users#new', :as => 'signup'
      get 'permission_denied' => 'error#denied', :as => 'permission_denied'
      get 'record_not_found' => 'error#error', :as => 'record_not_found'
      get 'password_reset' => 'password_resets#edit', :as => 'rest_user_password'

      resource :error, controller: 'error'

      resources :users
      resources :api_keys
      resources :sessions
      resources :roles
      resources :password_resets

What am I missing?


For those of you curious how I am getting these routes, its because the dummy app's routes file is set up (by default) as such:

Rails.application.routes.draw do

  mount Xaaron::Engine => "/xaaron"

Update II

I have been reading this api docs on how routing is done in engines and I believe the way I have done this is correct, how ever the controller is defined as such:

module Xaaron
  class ApiKeysController < ActionController::Base
    before_action :authenticate_user!

    def index
      @api_key = Xaaron::ApiKey.where(:user_id => current_user.id)

    def create
      @api_key = Xaaron::ApiKey.new(:user_id => current_user.id, :api_key => SecureRandom.hex(16))

    def destroy
      flash[:notice] = 'Api Key has been deleted.'
      redirect_to xarron.api_keys_path
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Thanks for the update. I will do little bit of research on mount. How is api_keys controller defined? Is it within module xaaron? Please share some specific details/ code. –  Kirti Thorat Apr 8 at 0:55
@KirtiThorat appropriate updates have been made. as stated I have also been reading: api.rubyonrails.org/classes/Rails/Engine.html to better understand how routes work in engines specifically. and I believe I have done this correctly - although I must be missing something simple. –  user3379926 Apr 8 at 0:58

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You need to tell your spec you are using the engine routes:

describe ApiKeysController do
  routes { Xaaron::Engine.routes }

  it "should not create an api key for those not logged in" do
    post :create
    expect(response).to redirect_to xaaron.login_path
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Really? Is their documentation on that some where? –  user3379926 Apr 8 at 1:07
+1 That was quite simple!! I didn't know about this. :p –  Kirti Thorat Apr 8 at 13:13

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