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I inherited a vba system a few months back and one issue that I've yet to resolve is when printing to pdf file it screws up the video display. labels and buttons on forms start to go bold, font size increases, vanish or even change colour, if you then move the mouse over them they go back to the original state.

The way I create the pdf file is by

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport "Report Name", acFormatPDF, "Filename"

I've tried another 2 different methods of producing pdf files. which are

  1. Third party ocx file
  2. Dynapdf.dll

All methods create the pdf file and that's fine, it just stuffs up the display.

enter image description here

However if I preview the report and click on the export to PDF button it all works fine and no issues with the display afterwards.

This happens on around 8 PC's all running different windows versions and office versions, as well as having different display drivers as well.

I've worked on many VBA system before and have used the above code to print to PDF files without issue.

Anyone have any ideas on this one. I've run out of things to try.

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So why not add the preview to the VBA code? –  Adam Zuckerman Apr 7 at 1:30
The client wants to send out 20 to 30 invoices at a time. so having to click the export to pdf file for each invoice is something they don't want to do. even thought it would work. –  user126076 Apr 7 at 1:31
Build the output as one big batch, send it to preview, then the user can hit Print To Pdf. –  Adam Zuckerman Apr 7 at 1:33
I offered to that way, but has to be individual pdf files for each invoice. Because each one gets automatically emailed to each client, Again your way of doing it would work. just not inline with the clients needs. having to figure out this bug is the only way of moving forward on this issue i think. –  user126076 Apr 7 at 1:37

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