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I'm having trouble with FlowLayoutPanel and child controls rendering. If I add 300+ child controls, panel stops to render them at some point. Last displayed item has sort of overlap and all other child controls are missing. Thanks.

FlowLayoutPanel glitch

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argghhh! rethink your design..!! –  TaW Apr 8 at 0:33
Whew. That's gotta be a memory hog. Maybe some sort of virtualization is in order. Here's some useful reading about the limitations of this control. –  Grant Winney Apr 8 at 0:36

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Looks like FlowLayoutPanel does not support lot of controls. The way I fixed it was creating new user control that includes FlowLayoutPanel and Vertical scroll bar. Panel holds 100 controls at one time and logic handles v scroll bar position, add or remove controls to panel.

This way allows to handle 4000+ child controls.

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4000+ controls? Yeah, you are going to have to rethink this design. Controls are an expensive resource in WinForms. –  LarsTech Apr 14 at 18:05

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