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My application needs to work as middleware where it has got orders(in form of xml) from various customers which contains the supplier id where custmers can send the xml to one of these components

1)JMS queue 
2)File system 
4)Web service request(rest/soap) 

Once it get the order, it needs to send order request to different suppliers in the form of xml.Somehow i spotted http://java.dzone.com/articles/open-source-integration-apache and looks like its provides the perfect solution.

My question is :-

In Figure 3, i will be using processor at the the last in place of order queue. Here is the process where i need to send the xml to different vendors over their preferred channels(which can be jms,webservice, http,file request).Here is the process 2 that i will do in processor without using camel

In processor, First i fill do my businees validations. Then i will send the acknowledgment to the customer(who requested the orders). My pojo contains the customer info and their preference for receiving the validation.Once i send the acknowledgment, I need to convert the pojos back to another pojo(say pojo 2 so that i can marshal it to xml format what third party vendors are expecting) .Now pojo 2 needs to be marshalled to XML which is further sent to different third partys vendors over their preferred channel .Assume third party and channel information is stored in processor.

I can do the process 2 using core java in my processor. I am wondering can CAMEL help me in my process 2 somewhere?

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